Wedding Inquiry

and Pricing Guide


Hello all of you lovely people!

Congratulations on your engagement and thank you so so much for your interest in working with me. It's seriously the biggest honor to be considered to document such an incredibly important day. 

I know how completely overwhelming and intimidating it can be to plan a wedding, so I'm hoping that this little guide can help you with your decision making process. Below, you'll find information about all things Camille Wilson Photography. Me and my style, pricing, packages options, albums, and how it is to work with me not only on the wedding day, but the days and months that lead up to it. 



Meet Camille 


Oh hey there. I'm Camille, a natural light photographer living in the gorgeous city of Athens and traveling around as often as I can. I have an amazing, loving, and supportive boyfriend, Brandon, who I live with. We have two sweet but super annoying 2 fur babies. My fur babies are named Squash and Dallas (yeah, guess which one I named..I swear he looked like a butternut squash as a kitten.)

I'm currently obsessed with researching which camper I'll be buying in the near future, and by researching, I mean looking up decor for it. My dream is to be able to travel all over the place, seeing everything there is to see. 

I don't know how many times I was told that I prooooobablly should try to get a career out of such a saturated field. This wasn't from anyone particular, I just this idea from the "eh" looks I got from society when I talked about what I might want to do. I always made sure to say that I didn't REALLY want to have a career as a photographer, it was just for fun. 

And I'm not sure how exactly it happened. When me and Brandon moved to Washington state for a while, I didn't know anyone and I missed taking photos of people (my friends have like a million photos of themselves.) so I went out and just started meeting new people and having photo shoots. Next thing I knew, I had a website, Facebook page, and I was shooting all of the time. So yeah, that was the beginning of Camille Wilson Photo.


My Style

Story telling is my main objective as a photographer. Telling the story of the people that I photograph. Whether that be a wedding day, family, or engagement. I don't shoot just to shoot. I shoot in a way that will tell the story of the people in the photographs. The story that will live on in images longer than the people in them.

I approach every wedding day in the mindset of both a photojournalist and a fine art photographer. I love love love candids and documenting the day as it happens. REAL moments, feelings, and emotions. I capture the hugs, the tears, the laughs, the guests, your mother getting emotional as she sees you in the dress, the handholding that goes on in the crowd as you two are getting married at the alter, and all the little moments that tell the story of the big moments. 

BUT, posed formal photos are just as important to me. Family photos, bridal party photos, and just something as simple as asking your guests to pose for a photo with their loved ones at cocktail hour is just as important. Those images are some of the ones that your loved ones will look at way in the future, pointing out who's who to the next generation.  

Bride and groom portraits are shot using a mix of fun, happy "posing" and romantic "posing". I say posing like that because I don't really pose. I direct, but I let real things happen, to make sure I'm able to get real smiles.

I'd also just like to say that I take my business incredibly seriously, it's my baby. I'm a real person and I like to treat my clients like new friends. Yes, I'm professional, but I'm not going to be a robot or something I'm not. I'm a perfectionist in my craft, but I always want to be able to have fun on shoots!

People Who Love me 



"Truly camille you are amazing!! It's like you read my mind when it comes to everything. I'm VERY picky when it comes to photography and every image I see I can't help but fall in love!!"



"Camille, You have no idea how much I love the pictures you took. I have been sick all day..pounding headache, all that fun stuff…It's like it all went away when I clicked on the link for your blog and saw everything. You are so talented, and we are so thankful we found you!! We are SO excited for you to capture our wedding day. Best, Isabella"



"We absolutely LOVE it!! Everyone has been so impressed with your amazing work, and we can't wait to see the rest! Thank you so much! We definitely picked the perfect photographer :)"


"You guys were wonderful at Russell and Sarah's wedding. The pictures I have seen so far are so beautiful. Can't wait to see all of them. I couldn't recommend you more!! Very friendly, professional, great work product!! Good luck in all you do!"

"You guys were so AWESOME to work with at Russell and Sarah's wedding this past weekend. Thank you for making it so smooth and for precious memories you captured!!!! God bless you in your future endeavors!!!"




This depends on the number of people attending, what you would like covered, and whether or not you are having a exit that you'd like photographed. I always recommend 8 hours for the typical wedding, but I offer 7, 8, and 9 hours. You can also add hours for an extra charge if you would like! 


do i need to pay a retainer in order to book?

I have a 40% retainer required in order to save your date with me and book your wedding. It's a non refundable retainer and due with the signed contract


How far in advance should I book?

It really doesn't matter, except for the fact that I book on a first come, first serve basis. I don't "save" dates without retainers and contracts. I will say that the fall and spring wedding season fills up SUPER fast, so if that's you, I'd book sooner! 


Will it be YOU shooting the wedding?

Yes! I don't share this business with anyone else, so when you book with Camille Wilson Photo, you're booking with me, Camille Wilson. :)


Do you have a second photographer?

If it’s a full wedding day - Heck yes! It's super important to me to have a second shooter with me on a long wedding day.


Do second shooters come with packages?

They come with most full day wedding packages.


Do you travel?

I freakin' love to travel. Let's do it. For anything less than 90 min away by car from me (in Athens GA), there's no travel costs. For most travel longer than that, I have flat rate fees that include hotel, food, gas, and time. I have set destination wedding travel fees for anything a plane ride away. Most travel fees are on a case by case basis. I can determine what the travel costs would be if you just contact me with the location your wedding will be in! 


Do you edit all of the photos?

Yes. I edit every single photo that you'll receive in your gallery. Edited with love. 


Do we get copyright of images?

No, I keep copyright of the images. However, all that really means is that I can use the images however you'd like, you can't sell your images, and you aren't allowed to re-edit. You ARE allowed to print whenever/ wherever you'd like, as long as you receive a print release. Print releases come with most wedding packages. 


Do you need to go to the rehearsal

Not really. Sometimes I'll go if I really think I need to, but most of the time all I need is a quick explanation of the ceremony and whether or not it will be typical. 



I absolutely try to spend time with both bride and groom, and both families. Each family is equally important and I enjoy shooting both sides! However, most guys I've shot don't like a photographer hovering around, so I really only spend time with them when they're ALMOST ready. I'm with the bride more often because of all of the details to shoot, makeup, and hair. My second shooter usually handles the groom shots. 



Yes! Documenting formal family photos is important. Those are your family history, and I enjoy being able to give your family some shots with everyone all dressed up and pretty!



I really love shooting candids. Like I said, my style is super documentary and lifestyle oriented, so It's important to me to document all of the smiles, hugs, and happy moments. I focus a lot on guests as well because they're the people that mean the most to you. 


How many images will I receive?

I typically deliver 50 photos per hour that I am at the wedding. This depends on how many people attend, the number of people in the bridal party, and amount of details that you have. I promise you I will shoot everything and tell the story of your day in it's entirety. 


Do I get a preview?

Yes! I give a preview of the photos within 48 hours of the wedding. I know you're excited and I try to give as many previews as possible within the first few days.


Do you post all of your weddings on your blog?

I love sharing all of the weddings I shoot on my blog. I also post photos on all of my social media and my website. If this isn't okay with you, please let me know in advance and I can work with you. 


How long until I get all of my photos?

I quote 2-4 weeks to receive all wedding photos. 


Do you make albums?

Yes I do! This is the link to find out more about my albums, designing, and pricing.


Can I print the photos by myself?

I do give print release with photo collections. You are more than welcome to print off anywhere you would like, but I can only guarantee quality of color and archival prints if you print them within your online wedding gallery. So yes, you can print them at Walmart if you want, but I really really really hope you don't! They suck. 


What is this “online gallery” you speak of?

This is how you will receive your images. It's a password protected gallery where you can download in high resolution, print directly from it, share with family and friends, and choose your favorites.


YOU'RE AMAZING AND i want you to shoot my wedding. HOW DO I BOOK?!

You're too sweet! Here's how you book: If you haven't already, contact me via contact form or email. Then we'll meet up or have a quick phone call to introduce ourselves, let me hear a bit about your wedding, and to ensure we're a good match. Then I'll send you the contract and invoice for your 40% non-refundable retainer. Pay, sign, and then you are BOOKED. Heck yes. Can't wait to be working with you! 

GUYS! I hope that they very very long winded informational guide was helpful in answering all of your questions (and maybe even questions you didn't even have?) 

I hope to hear from you soon!