It is best to designate the role of photo usher to someone who can get everyone organized when it is time to take photos (not in your wedding party, and not any of your parents). We will roll with the list to be the most efficient and get the most done! 


Wedding Party:

B & G with flower girl & ring bearer (begin with children first – less stress and we can keep their attention better)

B & G with entire wedding party

B&G with entire wedding party without flower girl and ring bearer

B with bridesmaids

G with bridesmaids

B with groomsmen

G with groomsmen


Optional- if time allows:

B with each of her bridesmaids

G with each of his groomsmen


Family Formals:

B&G with entire family

B&G with groom's family

G with groom's family 

G with parents 

G with siblings 

B&G with bride’s family

B with her family

B with parents 

B with her siblings



Bride and Groom:

Bride and Groom

Groom only

Bride only