Fleeting Little Moments

Life right now on a smaller scale is so fantastic. I love the people I'm around, there's lots of love, and opportunities of a lifetime are popping up, and I'm growing as a photographer and person. I live for small successes and small moments of happiness, because in a world so harsh, that's the best you can do. 

I live teeny moments. When we go outside and sit in the parking lot of our apartment and play wall ball with our dog while we drink poorly made mixed drinks. For when a client tells me how much their images mean, and that they cried tears of joy when they saw them. When I get to go outside right before it rains, because that's my all time favorite weather. For when I book a trip and we get to start preparing for our next adventure. For trips to the thift store where I find something perfect that I'd been looking for. When my coffee is on point and I get to actually enjoy it. For when the plants that I buy for my house survive longer than a few weeks. For when I get a new job opportunity and get to think about the possibilities until I can't anymore. For when I actually go to the gym and love it. For when my and Brandon have Redox movie nights and actually like the movie. For when I take a photo and I'm so proud that I get the butterflies. For when I actually make prints of my personal photos and hold them in my hands. For when I get a new roll of Instax for my camera. For when I realize how much I've grown and lived in the past few years of adulthood. 

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed, but when you take the time to list what you're grateful for and what little things make you happy, life gets a little bit easier. Make sure to take some time as your life goes on to appreciate and soak up all of those fleeting little moments.