Cross Country Road Trip 2015!

Last summer me and Brandon traveled across the country with our Uhaul and our hamster. We went from Tacoma, Washington to Athens, GA. One of the best experiences of my life. Growing up, I always thought I had to travel out of the country to experience travel. But America is freakin' gorgeous! Every state blew my mind in it's own special way. Every state is different and has so much to offer and see! I'm so incredibly grateful that I got the opportunity to travel across the country with the love of my life. He's my exploring buddy, always down to spend all of our money on traveling around America. I'm a lucky lady. 

We went through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, and finally home sweet home Georgia.

As much as I missed Georgia, I can't wait to move out of the state and explore all of the states! Then maybe some other countries. Life is good.