Olivia + Zach // Athens, GA Winter Wedding

Press Play! 

Olivia and Zach got married (FINALLY!) on January 2nd, 2016! What better way to start your New Year than to marry the love of your life?! You can tell by being around them and how they look at each other that they're meant to be, no matter how young they are now. In all honesty, when you know, you know. And they know! High school sweethearts since they were 15, they've seen the good the bad and the ugly of each other at this point, and wanted t o be together forever. :)

Ever time I met up with Olivia, she'd tell me that she was so nervous for the big day. The day of, however, she told me she wasn't nervous at all and she all smiles the whole morning! It was truly adorable. 

Olivia walked herself down the aisle halfway, where Zach met her and walked with her the rest of the way. As soon as she walked out, she was CRYING and even Zach was getting emotional, despite everyone saying he wouldn't! There WAS however, a hilarious bump in the ceremony where technology failed us all, but that just made the day all the more memorable! They took it in stride, too, taking a moment to just be there together at the front of the church (all smiles!) before they got married. 

Not only is the song playing (Forever Like That by Ben Rector) their song, but she also got surprised with Ben Rector concert tickets before the ceremony, too! The rest of the night was spent partying (very hard, I might add) with their loved ones while eating breakfast for dinner (DOUGHNUT CAKE included. Yeah.). 

Congratulations, you two!