Kristen + Buddy// Vines Botanical Gardens Engagement Session

These two are a perfect couple, best friends, and awesome people. Despite the choas of the day before the shoot, they showed up chill and excited! We ended up shooting at the beautiful Vines Botanical Gardens and it was the perfect place. It couldn't have gone better and their outfits are on point. 

Kristen and Buddy met in high school and did NOT end up being high school sweethearts when he chose to take someone else to homecoming, but that's okay.  Because everything really does happen for a reason and the two met up again and rekindled their spark for one another after high school. They fell hard in love and now here we are! 

I asked him what his favorite thing about her was, and the response is a fantastic representation of them as a couple. Heartwarming and a little goofy. :) 

"It started with her cute but yet kinda drunk smile. Then after the first date I could tell she was the one by her intelligence and her engaging stare. Her beauty rest both inside and out. She cares more for me than any other person in the world and she constantly shows that through actions. Oh and her butt... I love her cute booty. Not too big but definitely not flat! And when thinking of the rest of my life with someone there are many things to think about and one thing that stands out the most is Kristen will be the best most caring mother in the world. She is my best friend, my love bug, my nerves, my compliment to my life and the love that will never stop!"

I honestly cannot wait for their wedding and to hang out with them again in August and I'm so glad they chose me to document their love. :) Congratulations again, you two!