Haley + Jansen Engagement // University of GA, Athens

I'd like to introduce everyone to these absolutely adorable humans! Haley and Jansen were the winners of my recent Engagement session giveaway; and I'm so glad they did because they're a joy to know.

Since they both attend (and fell in love with, duh) UGA and it's beautiful campus, it's a given that we had to shoot there. So we walked all around campus taking pictures until the sun went down. We even had an oh so helpful Mom and Grandma following behind!

Okay, so first of all, let me show you what she described their love story as:   

We are a young couple who have found our old souls in each other. I have known that I wanted to marry Jansen since I was 15 years old. All of those years of scribbling “Mrs. Trentham” on my notebooks are starting to pay off. We are high school sweethearts who both yell “Go Dawgs” on Saturdays in the fall. This year, we will both graduate from UGA and then become husband and wife the next semester! We love our school and we love each other even more."

How sweet is that?! 6 years together? Oh my gosh. Too sweet.

Being high school sweethearts means sticking with each other through the awkward years, bad haircuts, difficulties, and milestones. Creating a relationship based on friendship, love, and dedication. 

Plus, being a photographer, you can just TELL when two people's chemistry is just off the charts. I could easily tell that these two are comfortable around each other, best friends, worked off each other's smiles and energy.. It's a pretty special thing I get to witness in people being a photographer. 

After getting engaged on March 27th, they plan on getting married right here in the Classic City sometime after they graduate next year. I'm positive this wedding will be PERFECT, just like their romance. 

Congratulations again, Haley and Jansen!!