Foggy Roadtrip To Mount Rainier

The other day we decided to go on a road trip to the ever famous Mount Rainier. This mountain is so gigantic that it can be seen from my apartment 3 hours away and still look massive. It was a pretty cloudy day, but not so much that I thought about the fog that would be at the top of the mountains in the park! It was so foggy that we could NOT see even 5 feet in front of us while driving up the side of the curvy mountain road. It was actually pretty scary because towards the top there weren't even any rails on the sides of the road. BUT the views, even with the fog, were incredible. Although, we didn't really get to see the Rainier at all because of the fog, but it didn't even matter.  The fog made the mountain tops so eerily beautiful that I was mesmorized the entire trip. And the foggy contrast made for some seriously amazing photos! I'm planning to go again on a bright and sunny day to make a comparison of the two trips. I'm in love with this mountain. Seriously.