Samantha + Anthony // Fort Steilacoom Park

The other day me, Samantha, and Anthony explored Fort Steilacoom Park and found the prettiest light in the prettiest of fields. We showed up at the perfect time, golden hour. Golden hour is seriously the epitome of daylight that shows up about an hour before sunset and keeps photographers light chasing on the daily.  Okay enough about the light, on to the cuties in the light! I've been having a lot of sessions with military couples recently and I'm always amazed at how beautiful and obvious the love is. I know, from experience, how difficult a military couple's life can be with the long hours, the deployment, them having no choice but to put the army first... but I also know how worth it it is. I can tell that these two are SO in love. The kind of love that's the best friend kind of love. The kind of love where you laugh till your sides hurt on the daily. I know that kind of love, and it's easily the best and easiest kind of love there is.Anyways, these two met here in this beautiful state of Washington (which is INCREDIBLY lucky, if I say so myself) and now they have two kids. I couldn't believe that they have two kids.. I mean, they act like they're in the honeymoon stage of their relationship! I hope my relationship will hold up as their's has. :)