Aska Farms of Blue Ridge GA Intimate Wedding // Chelsey + Taylor

It's rare when I get to photograph a couple at the wedding venue for their engagement session, too. Last fall I took Chelsey and Taylor's engagement session at Aska Farms and I've been SO EXCITED ever since! This venue is out of this world, as was their wedding day!!

The wedding day started with their makeup and getting fancied up as the clouds loomed over head. Chelsey got to have a surprising unveiling to both her bridesmaids and her dad. Neither of them had seen the dress yet, and the look on their faces was priceless. They were like, "okay, yeah, worth it." 

Okay, so those bridesmaids photos? Yeah, I SWEAR we took those as we could SEE the rain pouring in the distance and getting closer. Like literally see the rain coming at us. But could you see that fear in their eyes?! Nope. :) We all sprinted indoors right as it began to pour. Then later, the guys got to the venue right as the rain slowed and we managed to get the groomsmen photos as well. Heck YES.

As ceremony time approached, the girls were singing and dancing to throwback songs at the top of their lungs (think solja boy) as the guys hung out downstairs. All smiles all day. The sun came out less than an hour before the ceremony and shone on for the rest of the day until the sun went down, but honestly, at that point, everyone was partying too hard to care. So there was nighttime dancing in the rain. :) 

Chelsey and Taylor, I love your happy and loving spirits, and I had such a good time with you both on your big day. Thank you!!