State Botanical Gardens Wedding // Greenhouse Wedding // Kelly and Ed

Kelly and Ed got married in State Botanical Gardens of Georgia. They had family come in from all over to watch them tie the knot, and it was SUCH a fantastic day. Everything went so smoothly, it was a beautiful blue sky, sunny day, and both of their families were in incredibly high spirits and there was a huge amount of hugs, smiles, happy tears, and dancing.

My favorite part of the day was hearing the toasts. This is usually one of my favorite parts of a wedding day because it allows me to hear more about my couple's love, relationships, childhood, and other funny stories. I cried, because their family told such sweet stories of childhood friendship, their side of kelly and ed's love story, and what they love about them. It's funny how close you can begin to feel to a group of people when you spend such an intimate, happy day with them. I had never met any of their family and had only met up with Kelly and Ed twice before their weddings day. But somehow, I can't help but feel like part of the family by the end of the day. Happy feelings really are contagious. 

Thank you, Kelly and Ed for entrusting me in capturing your lovely, heart filling day!