Hey people! Name's Camille. I first decided to be a wedding photographer when I was 18. I won't lie, it's not something I always wanted to do. I always loved photography in general (duh), but weddings wasn't something that I thought I could do or would like. 

Then I started working with other wedding photographers. I was lucky enough to work with some awesome ladies who showed me the ropes and gave me the tips and experience I needed. When I shot my first wedding, I knew that what I was doing was really freaking impactful and important to my clients.

Not only am I getting photos of your first dance, first kiss, etc. , I'm also getting photos of your grandparents dancing. Of your mom hugging your dad out of happiness for you. Of the kids of the bridal party running around playing tag. Of your dad crying and trying not to show it. Of your guests holding hands because you getting married reminds them of when they did. 

It's all of those little things that make what I do more important and meaningful to me. Those aren't just memories of your wedding day, but memories of your loved ones being authentically and candidly themselves. That's pretty special to me. It's not often that an entire family gets together to celebrate love and happiness. It's a pretty special time.

Here's some (kinda) fun facts about me:

  • I wear black and gray pretty much exclusively, but love bright, contrasty colors. 
  • I really like to travel. Travel to me means anything from a day trip an hour away or somewhere 4000 miles away. It never really matters to me as long as I'm exploring. 
  • I'm a huge advocate for self love and body positivity. See more about that on my other site,  CR Boudoir
  • If I wasn't a photographer, I think I'd work in childcare or psychology. 
  • My own love's name is Brandon we're best friends/ room mates/ travel buddies/ soul mates.
  • I'm a dog mom to Dallas and Squash who I talk about and post photos of entirely too often. 
  • I swerve for squirrels
  • I'm a cat person. I feel like that alone says a lot about me.
  • When I'm not with my camera (or on my computer), you can find me hiking, exploring, and painting.